Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Arm Candy The Current Apple of my Eyes *_*

I so love how this bag makes me feel every time I'm using it. As the current flavour of the month or so... she has the privilege to travel with me every where I go ^_^

FYI it's not an original Chanel (I can't and I wont afford it for cryin' out loud!). Correct me if I'm wrong but there is a big difference with FAKES and KNOCK OFFS. Fakes are well fake, meaning same logo same brand name same designs and everything (PIRATED!). A knock off on the other hand is an original brand name but with designs inspired or well, copied from an original source. So which is the lesser evil? ;-)

It's not that I hate buying this prime brand names, I mean come on who wouldn't want to have Luis or Coco over for coffee? But for me it's tad wasteful to invest on them especially that my attention span when it comes to fashion is as long as Bruce Willis'. hair. (He's bald, go figure).

What few I have of this "it" stuff are kept hidden inside a dust bag as I attempt to catch up with the ever changing fashion wave. So, I buy what I can afford and what ever catches my fancy. This way when I move on to a new conquest, there wont be too much regret. ^_^

I sorta been following some self inflicted rules when buying these KNOCK OFFS

1. There should not be any logo what so ever. If it has, make sure it's not a copy or knock off of the original logo or name. Original is still the best, either cheap or expensive.

2. No Glitters, "Crystals", "Gems", or "Diamonds". You wouldn't want them to be dropping one after the other as if your trying to mark your way out of the jungle.

3. Try to get deep, dark, colours as they will hide some minor flaws on the item. Plus, these colours tend to give the impression of finer quality. I'm no big fan of fancy colours anyways.

4. Try to get the simplest less elaborate design.

5. Don't ever buy pirated stuff.

Inspiration is ok, a little one or two design wont be bad. But just don't get an exact replica of an original high end bag, if you think this will make you "it", well you're only fooling yourself.


  1. VERY INTERESTING thoughts.. i actually wanna buy one for myself too.. a LV one.. just dont know where to buy a waaaayyyyy better quality than the usual fake ones .. can u help me find one

  2. Lol I wont, since my blog is about avoiding fake ones. There are alot of LV designer knock offs which are original brand.. don't you think that's better? ;-) Id try to send u some :D

  3. i hate fakes, specially when it comes to bags. never buy 'em, i'd rather buy an unknown brand than buy fakes. there's more dignity in that.