Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Arm Candy The Current Apple of my Eyes *_*

I so love how this bag makes me feel every time I'm using it. As the current flavour of the month or so... she has the privilege to travel with me every where I go ^_^

FYI it's not an original Chanel (I can't and I wont afford it for cryin' out loud!). Correct me if I'm wrong but there is a big difference with FAKES and KNOCK OFFS. Fakes are well fake, meaning same logo same brand name same designs and everything (PIRATED!). A knock off on the other hand is an original brand name but with designs inspired or well, copied from an original source. So which is the lesser evil? ;-)

It's not that I hate buying this prime brand names, I mean come on who wouldn't want to have Luis or Coco over for coffee? But for me it's tad wasteful to invest on them especially that my attention span when it comes to fashion is as long as Bruce Willis'. hair. (He's bald, go figure).

What few I have of this "it" stuff are kept hidden inside a dust bag as I attempt to catch up with the ever changing fashion wave. So, I buy what I can afford and what ever catches my fancy. This way when I move on to a new conquest, there wont be too much regret. ^_^

I sorta been following some self inflicted rules when buying these KNOCK OFFS

1. There should not be any logo what so ever. If it has, make sure it's not a copy or knock off of the original logo or name. Original is still the best, either cheap or expensive.

2. No Glitters, "Crystals", "Gems", or "Diamonds". You wouldn't want them to be dropping one after the other as if your trying to mark your way out of the jungle.

3. Try to get deep, dark, colours as they will hide some minor flaws on the item. Plus, these colours tend to give the impression of finer quality. I'm no big fan of fancy colours anyways.

4. Try to get the simplest less elaborate design.

5. Don't ever buy pirated stuff.

Inspiration is ok, a little one or two design wont be bad. But just don't get an exact replica of an original high end bag, if you think this will make you "it", well you're only fooling yourself.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Stitches and Stuff

I have been taking this dress making/fashion design class for a few weeks now. During the first day, when my teacher started scribbling numbers, signs and formulas on the white board, I'm like ok, there goes another wasted $$. I was so not liking it. But I am oh so enjoying it now! I'm making a skirt! ^_^

The last time I seriously held a needle and a thread was during 6th grade. It was a project for our HELE class (Home Economics and Livelihood Education). We are to practice different types of stitches in a tiny piece of cloth, and eventually we have to make a handkerchief using those stitches. I wont say that my project was a disaster, but, it was also not productive. Firstly, my running stitches look exactly what they are called, running. But mine's all going on different directions. Second I suck at measurements, so the should be 1cm fold on the edge looked like an inclined plane of some sort.

My teacher said it's such a mess that she can hardly tell the difference in all my stitches. She had me redo it a couple of times before she throw in the white towel and say "ok that'll do". I received a barely passing mark. It should be alright, but did I mention that my teacher is also my mother? ~_~"

So, I myself know that I really suck at sewing ("only-mother's-could-love" phrase didn't even apply), if there's a hole in one of my shorts or shirt, I ask my father to sew it for me (he got neat running stitches that will put a sewing machine to shame!).

That's why for the life of me, I don't know why I enrolled myself in another sewing class. Well the interest has always been there, but not the talent sad to say. I just figured, I wanna give it another try. After all I have recently introduced a motto to myself "Learn what you Can!". It's never to late to learn other skills, and if I can I will, at every opportunity. I believe it delays old age from coming coz your too busy fiddling with new things u barely notice it. ^_^

Right now my running stitch still looks like its running away from the cloth (or from me) but then I'm quite ok with a sewing machine. So I think I'm gonna be alright this time.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Must haves...again!

Nowadays, it's no surprise anymore that fashion of the distant and not so distant past is making a comeback. So I'm not surprised at all that this lacy off shoulders are making it's appearance again. Last time we met was at the prime of it's fame back in the mid 90's, I think I was in 5th grade and was posing as my aunts maid of honor (or was it bride's maid) on her wedding. Darn I wish I have the photo to share >_<". Ha-ha like I will wanta show ya how big a fashion victim I was before =P No seriously, I'd show you if I have it but I don't! (Thank God!).

I have been seeing a lot of this cuties mostly on poly students (Polytechnic students, sorta college students) and yuppies. They can be dresses or jumpsuits, Grecian cut or off shoulders. Either way they look so cute and dainty! A big 360 from the not-so-long ago infamous Boyfriend Shirt, I guess the girly type of fashion is in again yey! ^_^.

What I like about this curtain-y offs' (I have no idea what it's called, so I gave it a name of my own =P) is, it can go along with whatever body type and size as it is capable of hiding away our much hated flaws like flabby arms and bloated tummies (so yey for me!). But one should also be careful in selecting the type to wear, I mean if your in the big size, try not to wear that with a small details or just add an umbrella and a ball and your a hippo ready to perform in a circus. Now, as I have observe, the bigger details, the better.

So my say; this one here.. is a must have... again! ^_^

Monday, March 15, 2010

IT Show 2010 Suntec

Yesterday was such a busy busy day for me (well not really =P). Woke up late cooked brunch for my hubby and watch the Pacman-Clottey Fight. There was not much change in my mood from the time I woke up and the time the fight was through, it was so boring it reduced me to tears.

After the match (or mis-match dare I say), we went to the last day of the IT show at Suntec, now this is where all the action is! After a couple dozens of shoulder tackle, head butt, toe stepping (lots of toe stepping!) pushing, pulling and tugging, we finally made our way through the Sony Cybershot Booth, only to be disappointed coz the camera that took us 3 days to decide upon was already sold out.

I cannot take too much of those physical mob wrestling so hubby deposited in one of the corners in the waiting area to wait for him while he alone battle the crazy mob for some other stuff that we need. So I spent the rest of the day there. When I got tired reading the magazine I brought I stopped and just watch the crowd as they pass me by (I enjoyed imagining that I'm an alien sent to earth to observe and study the earthlings! I know major Mento, but try it, its fun :D). Ok here are some stuff that I have observed:

1. Though the event is held every 3 mos, there's no stopping the people from getting crazy over it.

2. Safe to assume the IT stuff is second (if not the first) best selling product in Singapore.

3. These people are rich! I've seen at least a few hundreds of them pulling a huge huge LCD TV out of the convention area! (not to mention other gadgets they've purchased; laptops, printers etc)

4. Children have bizarre liking to carpeted floors. (I am sitting on a thick carpet on the floor and the children are practically hailing it)

5. The manicure I paid a freakin' $28 for (shhhh hubby thought its only $15) is already chipped after only a few days argh! There goes my $$$ ~_~"

6. Now that it's year 2010, super short Micro Mini skirt doesn't go along with super high heels and a hanging, body hugging and boob popping top esp if its electric pink. (except maybe if your Erin Brockovich). Lucky its not on me!

7. People esp parents don't like a little naughty boy who keeps bullying their little girls. They hate it even more that the mum does nothing about it except shout "Miguel.. Miguel! Stooop it ok! Stop it na talaga..ahihihi ur so cute Miguel.. Miguel!" And that's after he hit the little girl with a balloon stick on the face. Cool mum! >_<"

8. Brunch of 11am only lasts until 5pm, at the most. I am almost ready to snatch that Fried Kway Teow from the uncle sitting a few feet away from me. But he looks like he needs it more than I do, so ok I'll spare you.

9. Even if I am on the verge of wetting myself there, I cannot go to the toilet. There are vultures waiting to pounce on my very comfortable corner. I will be left out in the cold if I make the slightest mistake.

10. I have been sitting there for nor nearly 3 hours. My butt is numb. ( )( )"

Friday, March 12, 2010

Charles and Keith Shoe Sale

One thing I can never let pass is a good old shoe sale. So at 12nn today, I was fighting my way through a stampede of women (along with their men) to have a glimpse of those foot candies! (aw sweet!) And here are the fruits of my hard hard labor.

This one here is a deceiving pair. I saw her sitting sadly on one corner being ignored by other people who most usually go for a shiny colorful type. While she is a matted gold color I love the entwined gladiator sandal type of design, it gives the impression of long legs (which is good for someone like me who's on the shorter side of life). And whats best? I got it for a mere $19.90!

Now this one is a big surprise for me. I have been eyeing this brown leather babies for the longest time! I cannot bring myself to buy it coz it was around $50 then. As my feet are just about the smallest pair I know (except maybe for my niece whose 2 yrs old... Oh wait I think hers is bigger still ~_~") the smallest size of the shoe can barely fit me as it was 35! I almost gave in to the temptation then. I would be happy just knowing I own it even though never get to wear em ^_^. But thank God for sending my super ego I had the strength to say no. I earlier today got a size 34 for a teeny tiny amount of $9! God Loves me!! ^_^

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Have Nothing to Wear!

Those of you who are familiar with this sentence raise your hand! Ok, you are not alone. If all of us who has this problem will stand up together and join our hands, the guys might actually think that there is world peace. But no, seriously, how many times have you stand in front of your closet, in a towel, thinking or maybe pulling your hair, and saying.. what the hell will I wear?!! You'd most definitely try something on, but you just wont feel the "click" and will end up with a mountain of clothes on the floor, and you, still in the towel arrgh!!! (ya by this time you may also feel the need to head back to the shower, coz you'd be sweating like you've just eaten a plate of chili crabs).

I don't know when it all started but I had fun imagining Eve in paradise, whining "Banana or Pandan ?!" and Adam not far away will shout "Oh come on just choose one, how hard can it be?!" YEAH! HOW FREAKIN' HARD CAN IT BE HUH?!! Yes I am growling when I say this.

For you guys reading this, bear in mind that this is a very CRUCIAL part of our day and thus, yours too. One wrong move, say a top chosen without enough thought that end up making one feel like an over sized burrito, and your life will be a living hell you'd be ready to admit yourself in an institution before the day ends.

But is there a solution to this life long problem? Well as far as I know, one cannot come up with a solution on their own. Staring at your closet, no matter how long, wont make it magically pop out designer labels and alas solve your dilemma. Shopping, sad to say is also not the solution. Believe me I have been there, you'd buy stuff thinking "Aw this can go along with anything I have!" But then give it a week and it would magically be invisible in your closet. Invisible coz; "I have nothing to wear!" but at the same time you also have no space for the new stuff that you just bought!

So shopping? Na-huh, no. Not unless, you know what and what not to buy. So don't we all wish to have a fairy god mother to tell us if this nice trench coat that's enough to feed the whole country of kookabooboo for a year is worth buying? Well there is always our girl friends to share ideas with. But for those of us who felt that we are in this alone... I am with you! We will rise up and face this dark uncertainty and we will succeed! But in the meanwhile... just stay tuned for more of my whining, might help you one time or another ^_^

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening. ~ Coco Chanel