Friday, March 12, 2010

Charles and Keith Shoe Sale

One thing I can never let pass is a good old shoe sale. So at 12nn today, I was fighting my way through a stampede of women (along with their men) to have a glimpse of those foot candies! (aw sweet!) And here are the fruits of my hard hard labor.

This one here is a deceiving pair. I saw her sitting sadly on one corner being ignored by other people who most usually go for a shiny colorful type. While she is a matted gold color I love the entwined gladiator sandal type of design, it gives the impression of long legs (which is good for someone like me who's on the shorter side of life). And whats best? I got it for a mere $19.90!

Now this one is a big surprise for me. I have been eyeing this brown leather babies for the longest time! I cannot bring myself to buy it coz it was around $50 then. As my feet are just about the smallest pair I know (except maybe for my niece whose 2 yrs old... Oh wait I think hers is bigger still ~_~") the smallest size of the shoe can barely fit me as it was 35! I almost gave in to the temptation then. I would be happy just knowing I own it even though never get to wear em ^_^. But thank God for sending my super ego I had the strength to say no. I earlier today got a size 34 for a teeny tiny amount of $9! God Loves me!! ^_^


  1. aaww... i know how hard it is to have the smallest feet in the world (heehee) just look at the brighter side of it that ur teeny tiny puny feet will forever look as cute as YOU!
    Anyway , i like the 2nd pair of shoes .. their BEAUTIFUL!