Thursday, March 18, 2010

Must haves...again!

Nowadays, it's no surprise anymore that fashion of the distant and not so distant past is making a comeback. So I'm not surprised at all that this lacy off shoulders are making it's appearance again. Last time we met was at the prime of it's fame back in the mid 90's, I think I was in 5th grade and was posing as my aunts maid of honor (or was it bride's maid) on her wedding. Darn I wish I have the photo to share >_<". Ha-ha like I will wanta show ya how big a fashion victim I was before =P No seriously, I'd show you if I have it but I don't! (Thank God!).

I have been seeing a lot of this cuties mostly on poly students (Polytechnic students, sorta college students) and yuppies. They can be dresses or jumpsuits, Grecian cut or off shoulders. Either way they look so cute and dainty! A big 360 from the not-so-long ago infamous Boyfriend Shirt, I guess the girly type of fashion is in again yey! ^_^.

What I like about this curtain-y offs' (I have no idea what it's called, so I gave it a name of my own =P) is, it can go along with whatever body type and size as it is capable of hiding away our much hated flaws like flabby arms and bloated tummies (so yey for me!). But one should also be careful in selecting the type to wear, I mean if your in the big size, try not to wear that with a small details or just add an umbrella and a ball and your a hippo ready to perform in a circus. Now, as I have observe, the bigger details, the better.

So my say; this one here.. is a must have... again! ^_^


  1. ur jumpshort is really cute! wanna get one too =)
    Anyway, i call it ruffles dress or shirt.. ive been wanting to sew my own rufflesshirt but u have to have lots of patience in order to sew them together as one.. i don't know but i still dont have the motivation to start on my own design.

  2. nice! can't wear it though, you need broad shoulders for those. mine's sloping, so can't keep the off shoulder thing unless it's the one-sided bit. ;)

  3. But u can! The difference bet then and now is that now there are all sorts of beauty tools to help u pull out outfits! There's such a thing called body tape u can use it to hold your clothing together! It works! I'll blog about unusual beauty tools one of these days.. so watch out :D