Monday, March 15, 2010

IT Show 2010 Suntec

Yesterday was such a busy busy day for me (well not really =P). Woke up late cooked brunch for my hubby and watch the Pacman-Clottey Fight. There was not much change in my mood from the time I woke up and the time the fight was through, it was so boring it reduced me to tears.

After the match (or mis-match dare I say), we went to the last day of the IT show at Suntec, now this is where all the action is! After a couple dozens of shoulder tackle, head butt, toe stepping (lots of toe stepping!) pushing, pulling and tugging, we finally made our way through the Sony Cybershot Booth, only to be disappointed coz the camera that took us 3 days to decide upon was already sold out.

I cannot take too much of those physical mob wrestling so hubby deposited in one of the corners in the waiting area to wait for him while he alone battle the crazy mob for some other stuff that we need. So I spent the rest of the day there. When I got tired reading the magazine I brought I stopped and just watch the crowd as they pass me by (I enjoyed imagining that I'm an alien sent to earth to observe and study the earthlings! I know major Mento, but try it, its fun :D). Ok here are some stuff that I have observed:

1. Though the event is held every 3 mos, there's no stopping the people from getting crazy over it.

2. Safe to assume the IT stuff is second (if not the first) best selling product in Singapore.

3. These people are rich! I've seen at least a few hundreds of them pulling a huge huge LCD TV out of the convention area! (not to mention other gadgets they've purchased; laptops, printers etc)

4. Children have bizarre liking to carpeted floors. (I am sitting on a thick carpet on the floor and the children are practically hailing it)

5. The manicure I paid a freakin' $28 for (shhhh hubby thought its only $15) is already chipped after only a few days argh! There goes my $$$ ~_~"

6. Now that it's year 2010, super short Micro Mini skirt doesn't go along with super high heels and a hanging, body hugging and boob popping top esp if its electric pink. (except maybe if your Erin Brockovich). Lucky its not on me!

7. People esp parents don't like a little naughty boy who keeps bullying their little girls. They hate it even more that the mum does nothing about it except shout "Miguel.. Miguel! Stooop it ok! Stop it na talaga..ahihihi ur so cute Miguel.. Miguel!" And that's after he hit the little girl with a balloon stick on the face. Cool mum! >_<"

8. Brunch of 11am only lasts until 5pm, at the most. I am almost ready to snatch that Fried Kway Teow from the uncle sitting a few feet away from me. But he looks like he needs it more than I do, so ok I'll spare you.

9. Even if I am on the verge of wetting myself there, I cannot go to the toilet. There are vultures waiting to pounce on my very comfortable corner. I will be left out in the cold if I make the slightest mistake.

10. I have been sitting there for nor nearly 3 hours. My butt is numb. ( )( )"


  1. lol. that's ok, i paid about 30usd for a mani-pedi and i didn't even get my nails colored! but that's my choice, i feel like my nails are yellowing so i'm giving em a rest from nail polishes!

  2. complain..complain..complain!!! Guess What?! Complaining is part of bein a girl.The funny thing is after all the whining, we become the sweetest when our man butters us up with a wonderful gift that was once visible only in our dreams...sounds familiar?!

  3. hahaha! must be heaven if you have all the money to buy everything there, haha!