Monday, March 22, 2010

Stitches and Stuff

I have been taking this dress making/fashion design class for a few weeks now. During the first day, when my teacher started scribbling numbers, signs and formulas on the white board, I'm like ok, there goes another wasted $$. I was so not liking it. But I am oh so enjoying it now! I'm making a skirt! ^_^

The last time I seriously held a needle and a thread was during 6th grade. It was a project for our HELE class (Home Economics and Livelihood Education). We are to practice different types of stitches in a tiny piece of cloth, and eventually we have to make a handkerchief using those stitches. I wont say that my project was a disaster, but, it was also not productive. Firstly, my running stitches look exactly what they are called, running. But mine's all going on different directions. Second I suck at measurements, so the should be 1cm fold on the edge looked like an inclined plane of some sort.

My teacher said it's such a mess that she can hardly tell the difference in all my stitches. She had me redo it a couple of times before she throw in the white towel and say "ok that'll do". I received a barely passing mark. It should be alright, but did I mention that my teacher is also my mother? ~_~"

So, I myself know that I really suck at sewing ("only-mother's-could-love" phrase didn't even apply), if there's a hole in one of my shorts or shirt, I ask my father to sew it for me (he got neat running stitches that will put a sewing machine to shame!).

That's why for the life of me, I don't know why I enrolled myself in another sewing class. Well the interest has always been there, but not the talent sad to say. I just figured, I wanna give it another try. After all I have recently introduced a motto to myself "Learn what you Can!". It's never to late to learn other skills, and if I can I will, at every opportunity. I believe it delays old age from coming coz your too busy fiddling with new things u barely notice it. ^_^

Right now my running stitch still looks like its running away from the cloth (or from me) but then I'm quite ok with a sewing machine. So I think I'm gonna be alright this time.


  1. I agree! it's never too late to learn. If u put ur focus into it, with lots of patience and hardwork,no matter how hard it may seem .. u'l succeed =) Good luck and just enjoy it cus loving what u do helps u to be more motivated.

  2. haha... anak ka ba ni ma'am??? but go chen! now that you know you like fashion, that will make sewing a little bit more fun! ;)

  3. Hello there Chen!!!! so nice to see the creative part is coming up to the surface. I have myself been knitting and doing som stuff... i have now someone to talk to regarding craft, texture and color schemes. Nice nice!!!Good luck and dont give up. let me know if u want a warm scarf/hat :)