Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Have Nothing to Wear!

Those of you who are familiar with this sentence raise your hand! Ok, you are not alone. If all of us who has this problem will stand up together and join our hands, the guys might actually think that there is world peace. But no, seriously, how many times have you stand in front of your closet, in a towel, thinking or maybe pulling your hair, and saying.. what the hell will I wear?!! You'd most definitely try something on, but you just wont feel the "click" and will end up with a mountain of clothes on the floor, and you, still in the towel arrgh!!! (ya by this time you may also feel the need to head back to the shower, coz you'd be sweating like you've just eaten a plate of chili crabs).

I don't know when it all started but I had fun imagining Eve in paradise, whining "Banana or Pandan ?!" and Adam not far away will shout "Oh come on just choose one, how hard can it be?!" YEAH! HOW FREAKIN' HARD CAN IT BE HUH?!! Yes I am growling when I say this.

For you guys reading this, bear in mind that this is a very CRUCIAL part of our day and thus, yours too. One wrong move, say a top chosen without enough thought that end up making one feel like an over sized burrito, and your life will be a living hell you'd be ready to admit yourself in an institution before the day ends.

But is there a solution to this life long problem? Well as far as I know, one cannot come up with a solution on their own. Staring at your closet, no matter how long, wont make it magically pop out designer labels and alas solve your dilemma. Shopping, sad to say is also not the solution. Believe me I have been there, you'd buy stuff thinking "Aw this can go along with anything I have!" But then give it a week and it would magically be invisible in your closet. Invisible coz; "I have nothing to wear!" but at the same time you also have no space for the new stuff that you just bought!

So shopping? Na-huh, no. Not unless, you know what and what not to buy. So don't we all wish to have a fairy god mother to tell us if this nice trench coat that's enough to feed the whole country of kookabooboo for a year is worth buying? Well there is always our girl friends to share ideas with. But for those of us who felt that we are in this alone... I am with you! We will rise up and face this dark uncertainty and we will succeed! But in the meanwhile... just stay tuned for more of my whining, might help you one time or another ^_^


  1. lol. love the photo you used. makes a great spin to sell the bag and jewelery organizers, don't you think! ;)

  2. That's the fact of life for all married men I guess.:p For all married men, just one advice, maybe you should give your wife at least 2 hours in advance before the actual time to leave for your outdoor activity.

    For example, if you're suppose to leave at 10am, tell them 8am, bcos in my experience, by the time my wife is ready to go, it's half past ten.:p The best thing is she had even chosen the dress she wanted to wear the night before.